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A theme or plugin is asking for a license key

All the themes & plugins we supply in the WP Toolkit are released under the GPL by their authors. This means that you do not need a license to use them.

Most of the features of the products we supply in WP Toolkit will work perfectly well without a license key.

Sometimes plugin authors & developers provide additional services that do require a license/API key to be present.

These additional services may include things such as automatic updates, server based image optimization, server based malware scanning or access to their helpdesk.

Whilst we can supply you will the original, fully functioning versions of the software under the terms of the GPL, we cannot share our license/API keys with you to access the additional services as these are not covered by the GPL.

We do offer updates via our own in-house WP Toolkit plugin.

If access to the other services such as direct support are important to your then please consider purchasing a license key from the developer directly.

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